Flight of the Super B’s

Flight of the Super B's - fruit and vegetable juices in glasses

What is in it?
500 ml of IV fluids, maximum amount of B-complex and Methyl-B12.

What is it good for?
Healthy brain function, reduces stress, increased energy, healthy skin and much more.

How often should I get this?
2x a month to combat symptoms of fatigue and dehydration.

What do B vitamins do?
B vitamins play an essential role in a variety of the body’s system, including improving cardiovascular function and oxygen transport, acting as an antioxidant, protecting cells, and preventing inflammation, improving mood, and breaking down fatty acids to promote healthy weight loss.

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SINGLE – $175

(Choose from Flight of the Super B’s, Mother of All Migraines, Exhale, Jet Lag, Rocket Fuel and/or Aunt Flow)



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