High Dose Vitamin C

High Dose Vitamin C - fruits rich in vitamin C behind orange juice squirting from orange wedge

The IV Therapy for High Dose Vitamin C helps to aid and support your immune health while safeguarding your cells and helping you maintain a vibrant and healthy skin. High Dose Vitamin C helps with chronic syndromes, auto-immune disease, and can help produce urgent immune support.

To begin treatment, the G6PD deficiency lab test must be checked and be negative prior to starting treatment. Also, a pre- and post- infusion serum Vitamin C levels will be checked. A prescription is required for High Dose Vitamin C. We can help you obtain a prescription if needed. Just text or call us.

You must enter a credit card to reserve your appointment. Your credit card will not be charged until after your appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you must do so at least 24 hours prior, or your card may be charged a cancellation fee of $100.00.

SINGLE – $175 (10 g), $215 (20 g), $255 (30 g), $300 (40 g), $350 (50 g)



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