The Snow Day

Snow Day - snowy road

What is in it?
One liter of IV fluids, highest dose of vitamin C, zinc, B-complex 100, B6 pyridoxine, methyl B-12

What is it good for?
Immune compromise, chronic fatigue, grogginess, body aches, headache, dry skin, cold and Flu

How often should I get this?
2x a month during peak cold and flu seasons. Before and after traveling. Onset of a cold.

What else should I know?
Do not let those body aches, sore throat, cough, congestion, runny nose, headache, and nausea confine you to your bed for days. Fight all those symptoms with this specially designed cocktail. Don’t fear the virus. Make the virus fear you! Vitamin C eliminates harmful bacteria in your body during illness and protects the body from airborne illnesses while traveling. While vitamin C is combating infection and free-radicals, Zinc helps to repress dormant microbes in your body. IV doses of vitamin C and Zinc have been clinically proven to shorten recovery time and prevent future infections.

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SINGLE – $250

(Choose from Snow Day, The Warrior and/or Walk of Shame)



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