Zinc (Categories: Immunity, Vitamins and Nutrients)

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Zinc is one of the MOST important nutrients that we need to implement in our diet, especially now with covid and flu/cold season! Zinc is necessary for several things. It assists in regulating the body and preventing oxidation. Some key things that Zinc may help with:

⚡️ management of hormonal health
⚡️ prevention of degradation of tissues and organs
⚡️ enhance immunity
⚡️ help fight diabetes (assists in regulating insulin in the body)
⚡️ improve cardiovascular health
⚡️ improve digestive health
⚡️ enhance fertility
⚡️ ensure proper protein absorption
⚡️ enhance liver health, therefore detoxifying the body
⚡️ improve muscle function and health

Administering Zinc via an infusion makes it 100% bioavailable for the body to use right away. Stop by and get your dose today! Stay healthy! Prevent illness!