Medical Cannabis (Category: Medical Cannabis)

Medical Cannabis (Cannabis leaf inside circle in middle of green and white striped flag field)

Do you think you would benefit from medical cannabis? Book with Sasha’s of Saratoga today!

Certification appointments are available in-office, in- home, or via telemedicine.

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Defense Against the Cold (Categories: Immunity, IV Therapy, Vitamins and Nutrients)

Katie getting IV therapy at Sasha's of Saratoga

🥶Brrrrr… it’s getting cold out there, it must be winter in the atmosphere, I say Brrrrr, it’s getting cold out there, it must be winter in the atmosphere, lol 🥶 (Drop the name of the movie below and tag a friend for a free B12 shot)!

🥶If you are feeling in need of a little extra support this fall and winter, why not try our Immune Booster IV vitamin infusion?

🥶But seriously, as the temperature drops, so can our immunity defense. ⁠Be like our friend, Katie, be proactive with your health this fall and throughout the winter.

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Zinc (Categories: Immunity, Vitamins and Nutrients)

Weight loss - a scale with an apple and measuring tape on top
Zinc is one of the MOST important nutrients that we need to implement in our diet, especially now with covid and flu/cold season! Zinc is necessary for several things. It assists in regulating the body and preventing oxidation. Some key things that Zinc may help with:

⚡️ management of hormonal health
⚡️ prevention of degradation of tissues and organs
⚡️ enhance immunity
⚡️ help fight diabetes (assists in regulating insulin in the body)
⚡️ improve cardiovascular health
⚡️ improve digestive health
⚡️ enhance fertility
⚡️ ensure proper protein absorption
⚡️ enhance liver health, therefore detoxifying the body
⚡️ improve muscle function and health

Administering Zinc via an infusion makes it 100% bioavailable for the body to use right away. Stop by and get your dose today! Stay healthy! Prevent illness!